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Accommodation Reports

Health Care Design Ltd specialises in providing Accommodation Reports to the High Court for People with Special Needs. Stephen Cumbers BSc Dip Arch MCIAT RIBA MAE heads Health Care Design Ltd's design team. Stephen is the author of reports that assess and evaluate the specific long term Accommodation Needs of Personal Injury and Medical Negligence victims. He has 50 years experience working in private practice for Health Authorities and private clients.

Stephen is a full member of the Academy of Experts; Society of Witnesses and registered with the Law Society's Expert Witness Service. For the last 30 years Stephen has devoted himself to Health Care Design Ltd's work across the UK and into Europe.  HCD Ltd are GDPR compliant.  Privacy Statement by request.

Stephen prepares reports to the High Court on the instructions of Claimant and Defendant Solicitors alike including Joint Instructions.

Stephen is trained in the Woolf Reforms; New Rules and Protocols; Court Room Skills, and the appointment of Joint Experts.

Disability Housing Projects

Health Care Design Ltd are providing Architectural Services on a number of building projects for disabled clients around the country. These projects include Extending and Adapting existing homes; Acquiring, Extending and Adapting alternative homes, and Designing and Constructing purpose-built homes.

Designing for Special Needs

Health Care Design Ltd have experience in cases of Orthopaedic Injury, Brain Injury, Cerebral Palsy, Amputation, Blindness/Deafness, and many combinations and permutations of injuries.

Health Care Design Ltd believe in a common-sense approach, bringing practical solutions to the disabled persons very specific problems. Health Care Design Ltd understand that every case is different, and that the assessment of need - whatever the person's age or circumstance, must fully address every aspect of day to day life. Health Care Design Ltd believe that irrespective of the extent of disability, the subject will have retained abilities that should not be under-estimated and they should not be excluded from joining-in with every aspect of every day life.

The Space Needed

Where mobility aids and specialist equipment have been recommended it is essential to make adequate provision within the home to achieve full manoeuvrability and transfer space overlying the ordinary arrangement of everyday furniture and fittings.

Options Available

All options are fully costed. If the person or family are unable to re-locate immediately, Health Care Design Ltd will assess the need for emergency Adaptations. They will then cost a move to alternative Extended/Adapted or purpose-built accommodation as available, and Temporary Rental Accommodation as may be required. The necessary building works costs and other associated services costs and VAT are included. Other additional costs are included:- Removal Costs; Conveyancing Costs; Increased Running Costs; Additional Furniture/Furnishing Costs; Increased Wear & Tear; Increased Council Tax Costs; Increased Insurance Costs; Service Contracts, Replacement, etc.

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