Fees & Expenses


  • Consultancy Works - Interview, attendance, assessment, report, writing, etc . . . £190.00 per hour.
  • Assistants on measured surveys, preparing plans, etc . . . £ 100.00 per hour.

Claimant interviews can take up to 4 hours including a measured survey and photographing inside and out (dependant on extent of the existing accommodation and the scope for adaptation).

Report preparation can take between 15 - 35 hours dependant on the extent of specific accommodation needs and options available to meet those needs. An estimate will be provided.

A day rate of £1,425.00 plus expenses will be applied to Counsel Conferences and attendance at Court as required. Time Records will be provided when invoicing.


Travel time . . . £100.00 per hour.

Travelling - The lesser of car travel at £0.55p/mile or rail/air fare and connecting taxi.

Overnight Expenses - Only if appointments and travelling cannot be reasonably completed the same working day.


A1 plain copies @ £2.00
A1 copy negatives @ £4.00
A4 photocopies @ £0.15
A4 colour copies @ £1.00
A3 photocopies @ £0.25
A4 facsimiles pages @ £1.00
Photographs @ £0.40
Bound manuscripts @ £5.00

V.A.T. will apply to all fees and expenses at the prevailing rate.

Terms & Conditions

Fees and expenses will become due within 28 days from date of invoice submitted. By agreement, this may be extended to 42 days to allow sufficient time for Legal Aid payment. Any amounts that remain due beyond the agreed period for payment shall at HCD Ltd's discretion bear interest on a day to day basis at a rate of 2% per annum above the HCD Ltd principal bank's current base rate.

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